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Are you ready for the Lane Cove Fun Run? We at Janet Brandt-Sarif Physiotherapy are excited about supporting the event as a way to encourage our wonderful Lane Cove Community to embrace exercise and fitness. What better way to promote good health and longevity than in a community way! With just over five weeks to go it's time to get your family – mum, dad, kids and whoever else you can drag along - and start preparing for the run! Here are some tips to get you started : - [...]


Usually the injuries we see in runners are as a result of overload. Most of our bodies are pretty efficient at healing our bones, joints or muscles when they have been loaded a bit too much. Recovery then allows the structures to adapt to the stress and become stronger, so that increasing the amount of load or stress over a period of time will enable you to increase distance and speed without injury. However, loading the tissues at a greater rate than they can repair, leads to failure and injury. [...]

Oww…My Shoulder Hurts!

It has been suggested in the literature that as many as 30-50% of people will experience shoulder pain at some point in their lives with many experiencing pain annually. As there are many reasons why you may have shoulder pain, it is important to have a thorough assessment to figure out the cause of your pain and commence a treatment plan.  However, one of the most common presentations of shoulder pain we see in the clinic is due to rotator cuff pathology. There are multiple terms given in the literature to [...]


Autumn is upon us and the running season has well and truly kicked off as runners prepare for events such as the SMH half marathon in two weeks and the famous City to Surf in August. In our Clinic, many of the injuries the runners are presenting with, around this time, relate to an increase in their training loads and volumes.  It is suggested in the literature that almost 80% of injuries arise due to error in training loads.  Within the "Physio, Strength and Conditioning World" we talk about the Goldilocks Principle [...]


Continuing on from our blog last week, below are some safe ways for runners to incorporate the principles spoken about into their training plan : 1.   Remember the Goldilocks Principle; running just enough to cause adaptive changes, but not enough to cause injury.  Apply the 24 hour rule: if you recover well after 24 hours with no discomfort or pain, then your body can tolerate the load that it is being placed under.  If there is pain or discomfort, we need to be kind to ourselves and reduce the loading [...]

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Keeping in theme with our last blog on running injuries, I thought that I would discuss one of the most common running injuries that present to us in the clinic. Patellofemoral pain Syndrome (PFPS). Patellofemoral pain is the term used to describe pain under around or behind the kneecap, it is very common and can cause pain with squatting, stair climbing, walking, running and twisting movements. It can be a frustrating and challenging injury for both the patient and therapist due to the multifactorial nature of the condition. There is [...]

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