At JBS Physio Lane Cove, we believe that exercise is the best evidence-based treatment for most musculoskeletal problems. The more active we are, the stronger we become. We also know that older adults who are more active have better pain modulating abilities.  There is a link between acute and chronic pain and inactivity. Studies have also shown that chronic pain is reduced by recreational exercise and that this is also affected by the frequency, duration and intensity of the exercise. We already know the benefits of exercise for lowering rates of all-cause mortality cardiac, colon and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and bone health. In fact, there are 35 chronic conditions that exercise helps in prevention of – what better reason to exercise than to try to help prevent chronic illness.

JBS Physio Exercise therapy and rehab

At JBS Physio Lane Cove, our goal is to help restore normal function after injury and provide strategies for injury prevention.

You will work one-on-one with a physiotherapist who will conduct a thorough examination and draw up an exercise program specific to your needs and goals – whether you are just starting up and want help in developing a safe and effective program, or whether you are already exercising but need help to change it up and increase your current strength and fitness, we can help.

From day one, we will teach you customised home exercises, empowering you to manage your rehab and improve your health even after treatment is completed.  Finally, if you have an injury that is currently stopping you, we can help you return to exercise by assessing and progressing a rehabilitation program tailored for your needs and helping you move forward to a higher level of health and performance.

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