Are you ready for the Lane Cove Fun Run? We at Janet Brandt-Sarif Physiotherapy are excited about supporting the event as a way to encourage our wonderful Lane Cove Community to embrace exercise and fitness. What better way to promote good health and longevity than in a community way!

With just over five weeks to go it’s time to get your family – mum, dad, kids and whoever else you can drag along – and start preparing for the run!

Here are some tips to get you started : –

Training for a 5km run is an ideal way to start getting fit and having a realistic short term goal. Now that you are committed to the Lane Cove Fun Run, you have a goal to work towards and you still have time to prepare.

The Fun Run is just that – FUN! You may not want to run it, but if you haven’t walked or run 5km, training is still important!

Start your training today!

Remember to make sure you give yourself rest days in between training days – this is particularly important if you haven’t done any training for a while.


High intensity

Run shorter distances

Eg. 30 sec fast run/30-60 sec jog/walk


Medium intensity

Moderate pace

Try to gradually increase distance

Low intensity

Slow pace

Build endurance – get used to running for longer time

Try to gradually increase distance

Remember to breathe properly while running – you should be able to hold a conversation while you run and not be gasping for air. Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose and make sure that you breathe down into your belly and don’t just breathe with your upper chest.

If injury is what has been holding you back from starting your fitness regime, PHYSIO is the way to get the best advice and plan for managing your injury and getting you on the road to recovery.

At Janet Brandt-Sarif Physiotherapy, we are able to assess your running or walking patterns to uncover the reasons for your injury. We can then help you return to function or achieve your personal fitness goals by not only treating the structure that is “hurting”, but address the reason for the problem……a long term solution.

Posture, strength deficits and flexibility issues can all cause problems and assessing you doing your desired activity is how our physios at Janet Brandt-Sarif Physiotherapy are able to then address your deficits and help you reach your goals. We give you exercises and advice on technique and empower you to be in control of preventing further injury and improve your technique.

Watch this space for regular updates before the run.