At JBS Physio Lane Cove, we consult with your surgeon and then develop and monitor a program specific to your surgery that helps you achieve the best possible post-operative outcome. We help you regain strength and fitness and also help you to develop the confidence to return to activity at whatever level appropriate for you.

We have experience with:

  • Post joint replacement
  • Reconstruction surgery for knee, hip, shoulder or ankle
  • Tendon and soft tissue repair
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Spinal surgery

How we can help 

We also provide pre-operative exercise programs prior to surgery. These programs address any weakness that has developed as a result of your pain.  Post-operative rehab is enhanced by a good pre-operative rehabilitation program and sometimes good prehab actually prevents or delays surgery. Following surgery, it is essential to undergo a specific rehabilitation program to optimise the function of your joint after surgery.

Rehabilitation often takes months and is dependent on the guidelines provided by your doctor. We at Janet Brandt-Sarif Physiotherapy are happy to discuss any of your questions pre and post operatively to help allay your fears, educate you about the processes and the surgery and ensure you do everything possible to return to function.

What separates our team of certified physical therapists, is our commitment to making you stronger. We don’t just heal you and send you on your way. Our approach will help you recover and prevent recurrence by using evidence based techniques. In short, you’ll leave stronger than your came in.

At JBS we can help you to recover from your injuries much faster than you would expect! You don’t even need a referral from your doctor and you can receive an instant rebate from your health fund through HiCaps.

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