• Back Pain

Inflammation of the spine and stiffness of the intervertebral and facet joints are frequent causes of back pain. This can be due to overuse, poor posture or sport or work injury. Another cause of back pain is prolapsed (bulging) disc. We treat back pain here at our Lane Cove Physiotherapy Clinic with a range of physiotherapy methods including, Maitland mobilisation ,Mulligans approach, Sarah Key Method.

Not only do we address any joint issues with these techniques, but we also use The Integrated Systems Model to understand why your injury occurred in the first place and to assess muscular imbalances and movement patterns that could have predisposed you to injury. In this way we help you to relearn correct movement patterns to help you function optimally and efficiently. We also use core strengthening exercises to stabilise and strengthen you to enable you to return to your activities of choice.