Meet Our Physiotherapists

Janet Brandt-SarifB.Sc. Physiotherapy
Janet graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1991, she is a highly experienced physiotherapist with over twenty years of clinical experience. Since establishing JBS Physiotherapy Lane Cove in 1998, Janet has continued to attend regular education courses and has developed a keen interest in treating back and neck pain. She uses a variety of techniques including dry needling, Integrated Systems model, the Thoracic ring approach, and she is an accredited practitioner of the Sarah Key method. Janet also teaches strength and conditioning classes which focus on posture and stability and practices Woman’s Health Physiotherapy. As an active mother of three, who loves exercise and movement, Janet is focused on ensuring all her clients can continue to move and function in the best possible way.
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Todd StembridgeB.H.Sc. Physiotherapy
Todd is a physiotherapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience and has been at JBS Physiotherapy Lane Cove for over eight years. Todd graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2002 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy. His main treatment skills are derived from LJ Lee’s Thoracic ring approach, Sarah Keys spinal principles, Dean Watson’s headache concepts, and Mulligan mobilisations. There is a ‘hands-on’ treatment focus with lots of soft tissue release including massage, dry needling, and joint mobilisation. Todd has a strong knowledge of exercise rehabilitation. He is passionate about sport and helping his clients optimise performance especially when it comes to their golf swing. He has two young children and a beautiful wife, he therefore understands the demands of creating balance between work, parenting and trying to maximise physical function.
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Japie KrugerB.Sc. Physiotherapy
Japie has been a physiotherapist over 10 years and has worked closely with numerous high-profile sporting teams and athletes in numerous sports. Japie is passionate about the human body, how it works and how to optimise it’s function. His main focus is on addressing the problems that arise from activities of daily living as well as having a particular interest in the injuries arising from sport. Japie is an active and competitive sportsman, competing in a variety of sports, with a particular passion for competing in triathlons which equips him to be perfectly suited to analysing running and cycling technique, dynamics and strength training programs. His ethos follows that of the entire team at JBS Physiotherapy Lane Cove, that it is as important to establish the root cause of the problems and not just treat the symptoms!

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Meet Our Massage Therapist

Lane Cove Physio Emma
Emma RaeMassage Therapist & Personal Trainer
Emma’s journey in the health industry began in 2016 when she became a personal trainer. Her curiosity continually grew on the link between postural conditions and pain patterns and how to improve and manage them. She went on to obtain a diploma in remedial massage, which allowed her to gain a deeper knowledge into musculoskeletal anatomy and how the manipulation of soft tissues can have incredibly positive outcomes, especially in conjunction with other modalities. Emma enjoys working between with health professionals (such as physiotherapists) and exploring how a combined strategy of soft tissue manipulation, strength, stability and mobility can improve performance, posture, pain and quality of life. She uses techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Her special interests include treating fascial lines, musculoskeletal alignment, lower back pain and chronic tension headaches.

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