Todd is a physiotherapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience and has been at JBS Physiotherapy Lane Cove for over eight years. Todd graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2002 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy. He maintains ongoing professional education through courses, seminars, webinars and conferences.

His main treatment skills are derived from LJ Lee’s Thoracic ring approach, Sarah Keys spinal principles, Dean Watson’s headache concepts, and Mulligan mobilisations. There is a ‘hands-on’ treatment focus with lots of soft tissue release including massage, dry needling, and joint mobilisation. He prides himself on creating a warm and friendly environment where patients of all backgrounds feel comfortable which allows him to understand them as a whole and provide a holistic approach to treatment. His previous role was in a clinic within a large gym setting for over eight years, which has created a strong knowledge of exercise rehabilitation. He is passionate about sport and helping his clients optimise performance especially when it comes to their golf swing. As a single figure handicapper he combines a strong knowledge of the game with physiotherapy based movement principles. This allows him to adjust swing technique while improving body mechanics to help tissue recovery, prevent further injury, and optimise swing patterns and in the long run improve scoring.

He has two young children and a beautiful wife, he therefore understands the demands of creating balance between work, parenting and trying to maximise physical function.