Japie has been a physiotherapist for the last 10 years and has worked closely with numerous high-profile sporting teams and athletes in numerous sports such as rugby, cricket & netball. He previously worked in a Sport and Orthopaedic clinic together with Orthopaedic specialists focussing on specific joint surgery of the spine (back), hip, knee, shoulder, hands and feet.

Japie is passionate about the human body, how it works and how to optimise it’s function. His main focus is on addressing the problems that arise from activities of daily living as well as having a particular interest in the injuries arising from sport.

Japie is currently completing his Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, he is a firm believer in evidence based practice and to this end, continues to keep up with all the latest research.

Japie is an active and competitive sportsman, competing in a variety of sport. He recently represented South Africa at the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. His passion for triathlons has grown over the last few years and his personal experience and love of his work has equipped him to be perfectly suited to analysing running and cycling technique, dynamics and strength training programs.

His ethos follows that of the entire team at JBS Physiotherapy Lane Cove, that it is as important to establish the root cause of the problems and not just treat the symptoms!